See why Momo's Cheesecakes is Loved by So Many!

Our set up is fun....

Completely self serve and run on the Honor System! Stop in, choose what you want, add up your total (there's a calculator to use) and make your payment with cash, check, or make your payment with your phone, using Venmo. Are you using cash? We have a change box so you can take back the correct change, if needed. Also, please be sure to sign our guest book and leave a sticky note on our wall!

Taste the Difference in our Cheesecakes!

Taste the Difference in our Cheesecakes!

Our cheesecakes are baked fresh daily, in small batches, and from scratch. We have a licensed kitchen off the back of our home and bake them all right here on the premises. We're also 100% family owned and operated. And when asked what we do differently, the answer is, that every cheesecake is made with lots of love!

Cheesecake made with love!

Come try one of our most popular flavors of cheesecake, Turtle Cheesecake! The turtle flavor has a generous amount of creamy chocolate, caramel, and chopped nuts on a traditional plain NY style cheesecake.