Momo's Cheesecakes is a small, home-based business ran completely on the Honor System. It is located on Upper Main Street in Ellsworth. The Honor System Shop is located right in Momo's dooryard, in what used to be her garage. Just pull in, walk into the red "garage", and pick from a large variety of specialty flavors. The cheesecakes are stocked daily and set out as slices and whole cakes. Over 60 specialty flavors are mixed and baked in small batches, from scratch, right off the back of her home, in her licensed kitchen. Approximately 80-100 cheesecakes are baked and cut daily.

Why does Momo trust her customers enough to have a Self-Serve Honor System?

She says, "Because it works. People know I trust them, so they don't take advantage. In fact, many people leave us extra!

Where did the Honor System idea come from?

Truthfully, at first it started out only for her own convenience. She was working full-time as a bartender, and she couldn't be in two places at once. Her first cheesecake customers were people she knew from work. So, she set a small single door cooler in her garage with a money box. She let people know they could grab their cheesecake and leave their money in the box. It worked! And it worked well!!

So slowly she renovated her garage, inside and out. She continued to add more and more coolers, one at a time. Little by little her business has grown over the last few years. The Honor System model works incredibly well and is so very convenient for her and for her customers!

You simply stop in, pick out your cheesecake, and drop cash or a check into the tall red money box. If you need to make change, there is a smaller red box for making change yourself. Venmo is also accepted! Would you like to pre-order? To order in advance, message us on our Facebook page, email us at, or you can even text us at 207-598-8772. All pre-ordered cheesecakes will be set in the "reserved" cooler, labeled with your name!